Dr. Denene Lofland

Dr Denene Lofland

Associate Professor of Medical and Molecular Sciences

Dr. Denene Lofland received a Ph.D. in Pathology, with an emphasis in microbiology, from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. As a former biotech company director, Dr. Lofland managed successful clinical projects that resulted in regulatory filings of four compounds and FDA approval for two new antimicrobial drugs for the treatment of pneumonia and cystic fibrosis.

She also supervised several projects, including government-sponsored research which required her to maintain a secret security clearance. Her areas of expertise include medical microbiology, bioterrorism, and new drug discovery development. She has published numerous articles in a variety of scientific journals and contributed to the thirteenth edition of Bailey and Scott’s Diagnostic Microbiology. Currently, Dr. Lofland is an Associate Professor of Medical and Molecular Sciences at the University of Delaware.

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