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Instructor: Tod Goldberg
You know everything now. But how do you take all of this information and not overwhelm your writing?


Instructor: Paulowski
What drugs are common for overdose and what overdoses can officers bring back from the dead. This session will also include a discussion on Excited Delirium – what is it, what is happening to body and what is Law Enforcement protocol.


Instructor: Troy Janda
Learn how a projectile behaves when it hits its mark and then transfers its kinetic energy to the target.


Instructor: Dr. Katherine Ramsland
Crime scenes always tell a story, which shows up most clearly in behavioral clues. This can mean anything from signatures that link crimes to indicators of staged crimes to predictors of dangerous future behavior. This session shows writers how to spot and interpret behavioral clues during criminal profiling or psychological autopsy.


Instructor: R.J. Beam
The science behind bloodstain patterns and spatter. Hands-on session that includes time with SPATTER HEAD! *HIT class


Breakfast Buffet


Instructor: Ladwig & Johnson
This is a HOT session. A vehicle is fully engulfed and it's up to you and your team to extinguish the flames. *HIT class


Instructor: Carrie Stuart Parks
Forensic art - composite drawing, facial reconstruction and unknown remains, cognitive interviewing, signs of deception.


Instructor: Van Haute
Officers: Wearing their heart on their sleeve ...


Experience the sights, sounds, odors, and emotions associated with rescuing victims trapped in confined spaces. *HIT class


Instructor: Judge Kevin Rathburn
Officers must follow the law of the land and this session details the law as it pertains to traffic stops.


Instructor: ATF Special Agent Rick McMahan
Is the most likely officer to die the rookie officer on a call at midnight on Saturday night? Well ...


Instructor: Mike Black
A combination of hands-on and discussion, this detailed workshop covers the reporting of the crime, the responsibilities of the first officers on the scene, preservation of evidence, evidence collection, the basic types of evidence - direct, eye witness testimony, circumstantial evidence, and physical evidence.


Instructor: Knetzger
Techniques used to control behavior of cooperative and uncooperative suspects. *HIT class


Instructor: Green Bay PD & Brown Country Sheriff's Office
Police dogs doing what they do best. Bring your questions and cameras, because these four-legged cops are anxious to show off, just for you!


Instructor: Carrie Stuart Parks
Learn through step-by-step, hands-on experience how to draw the face of a memory through a composite drawing. Supplies provided.


Instructor: Heenan & Johnson
Experience the difficulty of multitasking while driving, observing, and communicating, and all while utilizing lights and siren. *HIT class


Instructor: Hannigan
How to move a patient from a bathroom to the ambulance or from a tight corner to the porch (stairs) to the ambulance---demonstrating how to use the stair chair, the gurney ( how it moves, how heavy it is, how it locks in the ambulance, and more!


Instructor: R.J. Beam
Dusting, fuming, and difficult to print surfaces are just a few of the fingerprinting techniques you'll learn in this detailed hands-on session. *HIT class


Instructor: Walters
Heart-pounding and emotion-filled action and excitement as you, the officer, are confronted with deadly-force situations. Will you make the right call?


Instructor: Knetzger & Nejedlo
As police officers, you and your partner respond to an alarm at a local business. It is up to you to search clear the building. Part of "clearing" involves looking for criminal suspects who may or may not be hiding. Of course, the person you encounter could be the janitor. Or is he?? *Participants will be required to wear protective gear during this hands-on exercise.  *HIT class


Instructor: Marco Conelli
An exploration into the dark side of police work.  Retired Undercover NYPD Detective Marco Conelli takes you through his experience of unlearning everything about being a cop to infiltrate Organized Crime Rackets, Firearm traffickers, and narcotics smugglers. This class will plug procedural holes in your novel and help you get it right!


Instructor: Staff
Hit List - the list of HIT workshops


Instructor: VanHaute
How prevaliant is it? Who is vulnerable, Why? How are investigations conducted? This session will explore the 5 W’s and How of Human Traffic Investigations,


Instructor: Staff
How prevaliant is it? Who is vulnerable, Why? How are investigations conducted? This session will explore the 5 W’s and How of Human Traffic Investigations


Instructor: Various


Instructor: Esoma Kung Fu Master Instructor Howard Lewis
Learn more intricacies of the martial arts - basics of getaways, pressure points, holds, locks and bars, multiple opponents. Learn how one defends against various weapons. Bring your fight scene (in your mind, not on paper).


Instructor: Esoma Kung Fu Master Instructor Howard Lewis
If you’re writing a character who has studied or uses martial arts, pick a discipline that matches his or her personality and physical strengths. It will make your character more credible. We’ll give you information to help you choose wisely. You’ll also learn how martial artists in various disciplines are trained. This determines how they think and react when confronted. See what they see. Hear what they hear. A perfect way to build suspense in your fight scenes.


Instructor: Dr. Denene Lofland
Why carry a gun when you can let a microscopic creature do the job for you? A collection of my most interesting and deadly microbiology cases. This workshop provides an opportunity for audience participation. Download the student version of the Socrative app so you can provide your anonymous (if you want) opinion on these fascinating cases.


Instructor: Dr. Katherine Ramsland
More people now resort to public acts of extreme violence than in the past. Although it is still difficult to identify individuals who will act out violently, threat evaluation has improved. This session shows specific risk factors associated with the violent mind, understanding prediction limitations, and devising plans of action.


3-hour presentation on medico-legal death investigation - Workshop presented by Sirchie, the Global Leader in Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science Solutions.


Instructor: Eric Paulowski
Session explores how NarCan is used to prevent deaths of citizens


Instructor: ATF Special Agent Rick McMahan
Discussion of 1%er “motorcycle clubs” (read criminal organizations), their history and origins of the Big 4 biker gangs.


Instructor: Mike Black
An examination of basic police procedures and how incidents can get distorted by the media.


Instructor: Special Agent Mike Roche, U.S. Secret Service
What causes PTSD? The effects on officers and their families. The symptoms of PTSD and treatments. How departments and other officers respond to those suffering the effects of PTSD. How cumulative stress can impact performance and health.


Instructor: Heenan/Johnson
High Speed Pursuit! You will drive the pursuit vehicle that catches and makes contact with the fleeing suspect's car, causing it to lose traction! *HIT class


Instructor: Special Agent Mike Roche, U.S. Secret Service
Examining the love tendencies of law enforcement officers. From scandalous infidelity, to office romance and the sparks ignited while answering calls. We will rip the sheets off the mattress and expose the inside world of love in the cop world.


Instructor: Jordan
More than an Aerosmith song title, "Walk This Way" is a room-clearing tactic used by American Law Enforcement. Session also details how to distinguish whether or not someone is or was a police officer, and if they're on or off-duty. Say what??


Instructor: Jordan
You will never approach or view staircases the same way again, ever! This session details how officers safely approach, explore, and evaluate stairways. Hands-on.


Instructor: Green Bay PD and NWTC Staff
Saturday Surprise! Have cameras ready. Video is permitted for this special event. Click the link/title to read special instructions.


Instructor: Staff, Green Bay PD, others
It's a secret! A super cool and extremely wet secret.


Each year we incorporate surprise sessions that are designed to excite the senses of WPA attendees. The purpose is to allow you to experience "events" that unfold in real time, just as officers and other first responders experience in the real world.


Instructor: Knetzger & Jedi
Ready, Set ... Blow Down Those Doors! KABOOM! Yes, you and your fellow SWAT team members will learn to use explosive charges and other methods of gaining entry into "hard-to-reach" places. This is the real deal! *HIT class


Instructor: Gilbert
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care will walk you through the simulated environment of stopping a blood gushing wound. Realism beyond belief!


Instructor: Dave Pauly & Dyer Bennett
Presentation explores the ability to take photos in total darkness while creating “ghost” images of participants as well as how to visualize a laser.


Instructor: Jerry Johnson
Design, use, and impact of Taser - Observe actual Taser deployments and their effects/impacts on the human body. Volunteers?


Instructor: Rathburn
Actual courtroom testimony. Experience what it's like to testify as a police officer, recalling traffic-related incidents, responding to legal questions, etc. Learn how your testimony as a law enforcement officer affects and influences a jury.


Instructor: Ninham & King
Making a traffic stop can be one of the most dangerous aspects of police work. Traffic stops involve lots of moving parts/thoughts/tactics and crimes. This session will take you beyond the basics of traffic stops.


Instructor: Paul Bishop
Do you know the truth when you hear it or see it? Join nationally recognized behaviorist, interrogation expert, and experience LAPD detective Paul Bishop as he guides you into the intimate world of interrogation—where success or failure is determined before the first question is asked.


Instructor: Janda
Explore gun types to match the personalities of various characters of different eras.


Instructor: NWTC Staff, local departments
Have Cameras Ready! VIDEOS ARE PERMITTED and encouraged for this special smoking HOT session


Instructor: Mike Black
How TV, movies, and fiction distort police work


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