Instructor: Lee Goldberg - Auctioneer & Tod Goldberg - Auctioneer

Donation WOWs! Bring Credit Cards and Cash!

Live Auction Fun at Friday Bash with the Goldberg Brothers, Lee and Tod

Baskets A-Plenty at Saturday Banquet

In addition to donations being offered to the winners of sealed bid offerings, a number of exciting items will be live-auctioned at a fun Friday night gathering by persuasive auctioneer authors Lee & Tod Goldberg. The brothers Goldberg are pictured here at a prior WPA. No, they won’t have guns to coax bids at the auction! Live auction items include:

  • A chance to become a character in one
    of Lee Child’s upcoming books.
Paintings, crafts, books, consultations, numerous unbelievably cool items!
  • Brick (certified authentic) from the chimney
    of Lizzie Borden’s house.
  • Manuscript critiques (varying lengths) from Jacqueline Vick, Annette Dashofy, Hallie Ephron, Henery Press.
  • Submission critiques from top agents.
  • Lunch with author Craig Johnson.



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