Frequently Asked Questions about the Writers’ Police Academy

1. What should I wear to the WPA?

  • Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. And please remember, the event is held in August. It could be very warm and humid. You should also be prepared for the normal afternoon rain showers.
  • Attire for the reception is casual.
  • Business casual is acceptable for the banquet, but you’re more than welcome to take it up a notch!

2. What if I can’t keep up with everyone?

  • The WPA is not physically demanding. Yes, the event is a hands-on event, but it’s designed so that WPA recruits can do as much or as little as they want. The experience is wonderful no matter what you do or don’t do!
  • There is no running, exercising, lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. There is, however, some walking involved. Yes, you will be expected to walk from workshop to workshop.
  • The entire event is wheelchair friendly. Service dogs are welcome, too. BUT…please keep in mind that police canines will be on site and they sometimes do not mingle well…
  • Please, no animals other than service dogs. No exceptions.

3. Can I take photos?

  • Absolutely. However, some of the police officers on the grounds may be working somewhere in an undercover capacity, therefore, having their image plastered across the internet could prove to be dangerous for them and their families. So please ask before taking any pictures. Everyone is aware that cameras will be on hand so there shouldn’t be any problems. But the WPA is held at a working police academy and there will be on-going classes while you’re there.

Please, NO video recordings of any kind.


4. May I bring my personal weapon?

  • NO! Absolutely no firearms, pepperspray, Tasers, handcuffs, knives (including pocketknives of any type or size), etc. No weapons of any kind. Please leave them at home. If you need protection it’ll be fairly easy to find a police officer within arm’s reach.
  • Bringing a weapon to the WPA grounds will result in immediate dismissal from the event. No refunds.
  • (Law enforcement officers, please contact Lee Lofland regarding weapons policies).

5. Are meals provided?

  • Breakfast is included with your Hyatt hotel reservation.
  • Lunches at the academy are provided by the WPA. The lunch breaks are brief and the academy is not near any type of restaurant.
  • You will be on your own for dinner on Friday night. There will be assorted fruits, cheeses, and other goodies available at the reception. (Menu is still a work in progress).
  • The Saturday night banquet is optional, but you’ll miss a great time if you don’t attend.

6. Can I bring my small children to the event?

  • We love kids. We really do. But there is no daycare facility on the grounds, and children may not attend the workshops. Some of the material is simply not suitable for kids. And, since this is an actual police/fire/EMS academy, there are many, many dangers for children.
  • Young adults 16 and above may attend as registered WPA recruits.

7. May I bring a guest to the banquet?

  • Sure. In fact, we welcome banquet guests. You’ll find the appropriate boxes to check on the registration form, along with guest fee information, when signing up.

8. May I bring copies of my books to sell at the event?

  • Sorry, but the only books that may be sold at the event are those offered for sale by the bookstore. And the only books that will be available are those of the WPA faculty and keynote speaker. There may be a few nonfiction titles available that relate to police and forensics. Remember, this is not a writers conference, so take off your marketing hat and enjoy yourself!

9. Will we actually be using real police tools and equipment?

  • Yes, everything you’ll see at the WPA is real. This is not a watered-down citizens police academy. We want you to see, touch, smell, and experience what it’s like to be a police officer, even if it’s only for three days. I promise you an adrenaline rush before the weekend is over! The WPA is truly a heart-pounding, exciting event and, it’s a ton of FUN!

10. Will I have time to see and do everything?

  • Absolutely not. Think of this event as Disneyland For Writers. There is far too much to see and do in one weekend. You’ll need to study the schedule and pick and choose the workshops that interest you the most. We do try to offer each workshop/class/session at least twice. Still, it would be impossible to do it all.

Please check in often for the latest updates!

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