Registration for the 2015 Writers' Police Academy to open soon!

Emails have been sent to everyone who paid and signed up for FATS

If you did not receive an email from Lee Lofland then we have an invalid email address for you. In fact, we’ve already had a few bounce back as undeliverable. It is extremely important that we have your correct email address. Please check your spam and junk folders before responding.

Please acknowledge receipt of the FATS Waiver form.

You must sign and present the waiver form before shooting.

Safety during this extremely fun exercise is top priority. Please follow all instructions offered by the instructors. Even though we do not use live ammunition, the weapons are very real. We use SIG Sauers and Glocks during the FATS sessions, and they each work as if firing live ammo. The slides move when “ejecting” spent brass. If the slide hits your hand it WILL hurt.

Again, pay careful attention to your instructors and you will have a safe and exciting session.