Registration for the 2015 Writers' Police Academy to open soon!

Exciting New Workshops Have Been Added To The Schedule. Check back often to see more!

This year we’re pulling out all the stops. That’s right, we’ve added courses normally available only to law enforcement, such as polygraph, interview and interrogation (in an actual interview room with recording equipment and the “mirrored wall”), building searches with the assistance of police K-9′s (this is a real heart-pounder!), Suicides, Hangings, and Auto Erotic Deaths and much, much more.

We’ve also added one of the most exciting aspects of police officer training to our schedule – role playing scenarios, where you, the recruit, will answer calls, such as domestic violence calls in a real home or business setting complete with furniture and accessories. It’s sooo realistic you may find yourself wanting to dial 911…unfortunately, there’s no one to call because you ARE the police!

Oh, how would you like to see an actual underwater recovery of evidence, or maybe see the dive team recover a body? Well, sign up today for the WPA. This is not a watered-down (pun intended) citizen’s police academy. We’re the real deal!