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Instructor: Troy Jandy
A show and tell of antique firearms and their modifications and functions.


Instructor: ATF Senior Special Agent Rick McMahan
Special Agent Rick McMahan leads a detailed discussion on the historical events that have been impetus to the nation’s guns laws. Also, legal commerce of firearms, and dispelling the typical gun myths so often seen on TV and in books.


Yes, there will be fire and smoke, and firefighters!


Instructor: Matt Ninham & Chee Vang
Gang culture, signs, symbols, and language


Instructor: R.J. Beam
The science behind bloodstain patterns and spatter. Hands-on session that includes time with SPATTER HEAD!


Instructor: Lee Lofland
Everything You Wish You Knew About Cops


Instructor: Judge Kevin Rathburn
Learn the inner workings of the courts and the roles of the key players---judges, clerks, prosecutors, defense attorney, expert witnesses, Grand Jury, and more. Class takes place in an actual courtroom setting!


Instructor: Mike Black
A combination of hands-on and discussion, this detailed workshop covers the reporting of the crime, the responsibilities of the first officers on the scene, preservation of evidence, evidence collection, the basic types of evidence - direct, eye witness testimony, circumstantial evidence, and physical evidence.


Instructor: Coroner Curtis Green/Corey Bereza
Walk through the scene to determine the type and manner of death and where the investigation goes from there. Hands-on investigation.


Instructor: Various
Police dogs doing what they do best.


Instructor: Dr. Denene Lofland
Using insects as murder weapons.


Instructor: Bill Bongle
How drones are used in law enforcement. Legal and privacy issues. Features actual drone flights.


Observe and discuss various types of drugs and their impact when ingested.


Instructor: Colleen Belongea
Experience the difficulty of multitasking while driving, observing, and communicating, and all while utilizing lights and siren.


Instructor: Hollie Bauer
Interactive patient's life depends on YOU! Actual medical training.


Instructor: ATF Senior Special Agent Rick McMahan & Secret Service Special Agent (ret) Mike Roche
Two veteran federal law enforcement agents discuss the realities associated with working as a federal agent. Who has jurisdiction over which crimes? Who's in charge? What the heck do federal agents do? Bring your questions!


Instructor: R.J. Beam
Dusting, fuming, and difficult to print surfaces are just a few of the fingerprinting techniques you'll learn in this detailed hands-on session.


A heart-pounding, eye-opening, and extremely realistic session where you must decide, within a fraction of a second, whether or not to use deadly force.


Instructor: Mike Black
Patrol officers, the backbone of all police departments, are often neglected or poorly portrayed in works of fiction. Learn how and why these first responders handle life and death situations, including shoot-don't shoot situations. Also included are an examination of how cases are scrutinized by the media, Stop and Frisk, review boards, use of deadly force to stop fleeing felons, and more.


Learn the fundamentals of a Glock pistol. Become familiar with sight picture, sight alignment, stance, grip, and trigger control. Fire live ammunition on the academy pistol range.


Instructor: Staff
Hit List - the list of HIT workshops


Instructor: Sharon Hensen
Investigations of illegal dog-fighting and cockfighting. Search warrants, warrantless entry, officer safety and more. An inside look at this horrifying and dangerous underground activity.


Instructor: Det. Marco Conelli
Incognito! Explore the undercover experience, from locked door drug deals to never trusting informants. Listen and learn about this heart-pounding, dangerous assignment from a retired undercover NYPD detective, whose vast experience will help you develop your stories and characters.


Instructor: ATF Senior Special Agent Rick McMahan
This class provides an understanding of modern firearms, how they work and how to better use/describe them in your writing.


Legal requirements for K-9 searches of vehicles. Alerts, kinds of drugs recognized, training, and more.


Instructor: Various


Instructor: NWTC Staff/Range Instructors
Learn the basics of the .223 patrol rifle, nomenclature, field stripping, fundamentals, and live fire on the rifle range.


Instructor: Dr. Katherine Ramsland
When suicide is ... murder. Learn how suicide notes help investigators find their true authors.


Instructor: Esoma Kung Fu Master Instructor Howard Lewis
What is it that writers do that drives martial artists nuts?


Instructor: Barb Gerardin, Green Bay Police Department Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
Learn how police departments handle mental health issues involving both officers and citizens.


Instructor: Special Agent Mike Roche, U.S. Secret Service
Romance, the Ferguson effect, how cops view the world, and more. Agent Roche spills all the beans!!


Instructor: Green Bay Police, Mounted Patrol
First it's time in the classroom to learn details and information about mounted patrols, how and why they're used, and about the stars of the show, the magnificent horses. Next, participants will head outside to see the horses and officers in action.


Instructor: Brian Kostelic, Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation
See, hear, and experience the tools, tactics, and strategies utilized during an "officer-down" situation. Intensive, spine-chilling session.


Instructor: Oneida Nation Police Chief Rich Van Boxtel
Experience the unique culture of the Oneida Tribe as well as the history of the Oneida Tribal Police and American Policing---not always cooperative.


Instructor: Oneida Nation
Opening Ceremonies by Oneida Tribal Police, Oneida Nation Tribal Leaders, color guard, and dancers. The blessing of the WPA!


Instructor: Lisa Klink
What it takes to write a great story, from a great story-teller.


Instructor: Wisconsin Department of Corrections - Gang Unit
Details TBA


Instructor: TBA
The effects and consequences on the officer, department, career and family.


Instructor: Colleen Belongea
High Speed Pursuit! You will drive the pursuit vehicle!


Instructor: Special Agent Mike Roche, U.S. Secret Service
Behind the scenes peek at the inner workings of the Secret Service.


Each year we incorporate surprise sessions that are designed to excite the senses of WPA attendees. The purpose is to allow you to experience "events" that unfold in real time, just as officers and other first responders experience in the real world.


Ready, Set ... Blow Down Those Doors! KABOOM! Yes, you and your fellow SWAT team members will learn to use explosive charges to gain entry into "hard-to-reach" places. This is the real deal!


Instructor: Nathan Riehl
This is a HOT one! An exciting hands-on FAVORITE session. Combat medical/officer down/lifesaving techniques - You are the EMS 1st responder!


Instructor: Dr. Katherine Ramsland
Learn how the experts elicit information from serial killers.


Tasers will be deployed. Class participation is encouraged...if you dare.


Instructor: Troy Janda
Learn how a projectile behaves when it hits its mark and then transfers its kinetic energy to the target.


Instructor: NYPD Detective Marco Conelli & Dr. Katherine Ramsland
A veteran detective and a renowned forensic psychologist come together to analyze real-life cases and crimes from competing and at times collaborating perspectives. See how these two professionals come together to dissect the criminal mind and uncover clues to ultimately solve major crimes.


You conduct the traffic stop, and yes, drinking is involved, but not by you!!


Instructor: TBA
Learn how to conduct actual filled sobriety tests, and then implement them on actual drunk drivers. Yes, volunteers will be consuming alcohol (in a controlled, safe environment).


Instructor: Sharon Hensen
This workshop provides background, knowledge, and understanding relating to the interdisciplinary connection among animal abuse to child, elder. spousal abuse, and domestic violence.


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